Event Milestone: The Mask of Winters
1 XP when you defeat a mob serving the Mask of Winters
3 XP when you defeat a major NPC serving the Mask of Winters
10 XP when you defeat the Mask of Winters, permanently removing him as a threat from Creation, or when you decide he was right all along and represents Creation’s only chance for survival

Milestone: The Last Roar (Red Lion)
1 XP when you perform a new stunt related to your martial arts or warstrider
3 XP when you successfully eliminate a threat with your Vehicle or War Specialties
10 XP when you pilot the Lion’s Roar to its destruction, or you abandon your allies to save the Lion’s Roar from destruction

Milestone: Sunflowers Bloom in Winter (Snapdragon)
1 XP when you discuss how far you’ve come since you Exalted
3 XP when you admit your true feelings for an ally or enemy
10 XP when you kill your sister, or when you redeem her at significant personal cost

Milestone: The Song of Orpheus (Blazer Orpheus)
1 XP when you reveal a new stunt related to your Sorcery
3 XP when you take out a major NPC with a complication created with Sorcery
10 XP when you ascend to the Adamant Circle of Sorcery, or when you forfeit that potential to embrace Necromancy and accept the ancient legacy of your name

Milestone: We May Not Agree, But I’m Pretty Sure You’re Not the Ebon Dragon
1 XP when you stick up for someone of an opposing faction
3 XP when you spend a scene peacefully interacting with someone of an opposing faction
10 XP when you take a significant personal risk for someone of an opposing faction, or when you abandon such a person to expedite your cause

Milestone: Truth Hurts (Prism of Truth)
1 XP when you acknowledge another Solar’s misdeeds
3 XP when you admit that you could be wrong about something
10 XP when you embrace true humility as a servant of humanity rather than its master, or when you uphold the tenets of Solar supremacy in spite of your many flaws

Milestone: Behind Every Great Solar… (Venomous Spur)
1 XP when you spend a whole scene in the company of Solars rather than going off on your own
3 XP when you create an asset for a Solar ally
10 XP when you acknowledge the importance of the Solar/Lunar bond and commit yourself to becoming a true Steward, or when you decide your independence is more important and abandon Red Lion to his fate


Dark Days, Dark Deeds [5 XP]
You must win, no matter the cost. Borrow the highest die from the doom pool as an asset that lasts the rest of the scene. At the end of the scene, step back that die and return it to the doom pool, then step up your limit trauma.

Hold Your Ground! [5 XP]
Terror can seize the hearts of mortals, but you are an inspiration to your troops. Use this Unlockable when a troop mob would be taken out by a fear-based attack. Move the effect die of that attack to the doom pool and negate the attack. That same fear-based attack cannot be used on that troop mob for the remainder of the combat.

Killing Ground [5 XP]
Your tactical mastery has lured the enemy into a trap they never even saw coming. Impose a Killing Ground D8 Scene Complication on all enemies in the current scene.

Reinforce the Flank [10 XP]
Use this Unlockable after winning a battle. Move half of the remaining troops from that battle into any other battlefront, even one currently in progress.

Tide of Battle [10 XP]
The tide of a battle can shift in a heartbeat—and in your favor. Use this Unlockable when Battle Momentum is against you. Convert it into positive Battle Momentum at a rating equal to your War Specialty (or d6 if you have no War Specialty).

Lend Me Your Strength! [15 XP]
You call upon the people of your land to aid you in time of need, channeling their prayers and hopes to you. For one Combat Scene this Arc, step up your essence die. During that Combat Scene, every roll opposing you is considered to roll at least one opportunity, even if none are showing on the dice.


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