Session 98: Moot Point


Venomous Spur has been called upon to serve as the host of a Grand Moot—the first to be held in years, and possibly one of the largest since the formation of the Silver Pact. This moot is also intended to be a judgment on her work, and maybe on her personally. If the Elders don’t like what they have to hear, it could turn out to be a bad time all around.

NPC Appearances

  • Basically every Lunar character mentioned in a previous session, plus a whole bunch of new ones
  • Sweet Emerald’s circle
  • Copper Hunter, the headman of Tambreet
  • Yalin Nado

Session 98: Moot Point

After setting things in order at Ochorin, Venomous Spur and the Solars make their way to Tambreet, the nearest civilized location to the Silver Mountain where Ven’s moot is to be held. While there, the new headman of the village, Copper Hunter, asks for Ven to intervene in his quarrel with his elder sister, Ashen Coypu, who is agitating the village against him. Ven informs Hunter that the position is his—as is the responsibility for maintaining it. While not happy with the response from his goddess, Hunter chose to accept her wisdom.

The Solars were having their own adventures—at the least, Red Lion and Blazer were having an adventure in seeing how much food and drink they could imbibe without getting sick. Prism was avoiding contact with the temptations of the flesh, while Snapdragon was habitually scouting the area. Finally returning to her hut, Snapdragon was confronted by her mate, Luminous Vesper. Some tense conversation resulted in her revealing what the Ebon Dragon had told her in Malfeas: that Vesper had intended to marry Snapdragon’s sister, Dahlia. Vesper was hurt by the accusation and stormed off.

The next day, Raksi is the first of the elders to arrive, bringing a coffle of human slaves along as walking meals. Some quick negotiation and threats lead to Raksi offering Ven the slaves as a “gift,” in exchange for receiving the place of honor in the encampment. Ven tentatively offered her the spot, based on the affirmation of the Elders Rain Deathflyer and Silver Python, both of whom she considered to have priority based on them calling the Moot in the first place.

Blazer woke up to find his Sidereal ally, Sankara Holtz, hovering over him. She was present to ask about some major essence disruptions to the Loom of Fate that seemed similar to those that occurred years past when a great gathering of Lunars had occurred. Blazer confirmed that he was about to go to a Grand Moot, at which the Lunar Elders would be assembled. Sankara called in a favor, asking Blazer to spy on the Elders on behalf of the Gold Faction—all in the name of better relations, of course. Despite some doubts, Blazer tentatively agreed to help Sankara.

Many Lunars arrived over the course of the next day, some alone and some with entourages. Fenrir Vanagandr was among those arriving early, his Solar mate and her circle in tow. Fenrir asked the boon that the Solars be allowed to attend the moot; though Ven had intended to allow any Solars who happened upon the gathering to attend anyway, Fenrir insisted that he owed her a favor for it. Snapdragon, still angry over her mishandling of her encounter with Vesper the night before, approached Obsidian Hawk, the snarky and dashing Night Caste serving Sweet Emerald’s circle, to work out her aggressions.

When the Elders began arriving in earnest that night, they each offered a gift to Ven for her willingness to act as master of ceremonies for the moot. Rain and Python were formally offered the place of honor before Luna’s shrine, but they refused to avoid giving any insult to Raksi. When Ven tried to push the matter, Python directly told her that the two of them were uninterested in playing games with the unstable Elder—or being part of any game that Ven wanted to play with her old master.

Many happy—and lukewarm—reunions were had between the Solars and their Lunar allies. Red Lion made a new friend in fellow abolitionist Strength-of-Many, while Prism was less thrilled to run into his Lunar mate, the mysterious monkey-sage Tan. Blazer got to spend some quality time with Seven Devils Clever, followed by a nice evening catching up with his contacts; he was also called upon to clear up some rumors about his circle being involved in the theft of the legendary Book of Three Circles from Raksi some months before.

Everyone was surprised to see Leviathan in attendance. The whale Elder was clearly uncomfortable being around people, so mostly spoke through his apprentices, Swimmer in Shadows and Sage of the Deeps. Tamuz was happier to be present, in his own skin for once, but everyone shivered in dread at the approach of Ma-Ha-Suchi.

The twisted Elder offered a grisly “gift” to Venomous Spur: the heads of those that had fought his army as they marched north, and the lives of those that had submitted to his goatmen. As well, he offered a more princely prize: a dozen bars of pure moonsilver. Ven rejected both gifts as an insult to her station, demanding that Ma-Ha-Suchi instead prove his worthiness to be her guest with force of arms.

Ven struck the first blow with her Octo-Gun, trying to suppress the Elder’s mutations with its power. Red Lion came to Ven’s aid, striking a blow against the Lunar to suppress his attunement to his mighty moonsilver spear, the Impaler of Kings. Ma-Ha-Suchi returned blows in rage, sending Red Lion sprawling away but unable to touch Ven. Ven shifted into the form of the mighty Brass Tyrant to shore up her defenses, turning back into her human shape as Ma-Ha-Suchi fell back to reassess his options. Ven taunted the Elder about his appearance, claiming that he was no Lunar at all but a mere Wyld-tainted mutant, barely more than a chimera.

Ma-Ha-Suchi’s rage was uncontrollable, though mostly directed at himself. His flesh tore and sloughed off as he screamed and wept. Finally, before Ven could add injury to insult, his eldest son, O-Ya-Karas, intervened. Claiming the debt that Ven owed him, Karas demanded admission for his father without further harassment. Ven reluctantly allowed the Elder past, recognizing that Ma-Ha-Suchi would neither forgive nor forget his humiliation at her hands.

Just as Ven prepared to end the greeting ceremonies, one last guest arrived: Lilith, the Owl Woman, most reclusive of the Lunar Elders. Never before had Lilith attended a Grand Moot, and her words were both cryptic and worrisome. With the arrival of the last of the Elders, the Grand Moot had officially begun!


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