Arbash Illila

A demon-blooded Lunar seeking to overthrow the Realm with subversion instead of violence


No Moon Caste Lunar
copperhead snake totem

Illila is a coppery-skinned young woman of obvious demon-blooded heritage. Her short horns and glassy eyes contribute to her uncanny appearance, though her Tell—faint scales covering her skin—is usually hidden from the sight of mortals. Illila normally wears a heavy, covering robe, veil, and straw hat to hide her features when among the unenlightened. Among other Lunars, she wears as little as possible to show off her moonsilver tattoos and the glorious story they tell.


Arbash Illila is a rarity: a demon-blooded Exalted as a Lunar. Her Exaltation burned away her mutations, but she still possesses brass-colored skin and a pair of short horns. She normally wears a veil to conceal her appearance from others.

Arbash is a Southern Lunar who seeks to liberate the Lap from Realm control. In the Lap, she maintains a carefully cultivated identity as a powerful noblewoman. She is a thaumaturge of significant renown, having mastered the Lunar spirit arts in only a few decades, and has an incredibly broad hearts’ blood library for being so young. Her hope is to use a populist insurrection in the Lap to cut off the food supply to the Realm, making it easier to topple the Scarlet Empire’s hold on the world with less bloodshed.

Arbash Illila

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