Ardent Huntress

A carefree, personable, and sometimes domineering Lunar bonded to Blazer.


Full Moon Caste Lunar
Lion totem

Noble Raksha

stats unknown

Huntress may not be an actual Lunar, but she’s damn good at faking it. From shapeshifting, to the silver crescent “tell” under her eye, to creative ways of “manifesting” a caste mark, she could fool any mortal – and all but the most perceptive Exalts – into thinking she was your quintessential tough-as-nails Full Moon. Pity for me…that is, “her”…that I…“she”…ran into Prism of Truth. Stupid Zenith Castes.


Edit: Trolololololololololololololol

A chance meeting – or, perhaps, the result of months and months of searching on her part – brought the rambunctious Huntress back in touch with her long-lost Solar. Her aggressive, fearless nature makes her a good counterpart to the soft-spoken, reserved Blazer, though at times he feels a little overwhelmed by her energy. The two parted ways before he left the North, however, and he has not spoken of her to the rest of the Circle.


Ardent Huntress

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