Ariel Nemani

Newly Exalted queen of a small nation in the Hundred Kingdoms


Zenith Caste Solar

Ariel Nemani is freshly Exalted and new to her powers, so even she is not sure of her limits yet. It is known that her senses are keen enough to read the writing on a grain of rice a mile away, and in conjunction with her brother, Quel Cloud-Strider, she can generate beams of light devastating enough to level buildings. Even so, combat is not her forte; she is an inspirational leader who could convince men to use their lives up in her service even before Exalting.

Ariel is the bearer of the Blue Heaven Blade, a jade longsword given to her by her mentor, the now-deceased One-Note Jin.


Ariel Nemani is the god-blooded daughter of Vigilant Sword, the protector-god of the kingdom of Balidar. She never awakened into her divine blood, unlike her older brother Diarmid. When she was an infant, Diarmid trapped their father in a block of yasal crystal and usurped his throne. Aware of a prophecy that only a child of Vigilant Sword could free him from his imprisonment, Diarmid purged his many brothers and sisters, missing only Ariel and her twin brother Quel, who were spirited from the palace by a serving woman.

Ariel was raised a princess-in-exile in the nearby kingdom of Veydorn, where her mother had been a priestess from a wealthy family. She was brought up as a diplomat and negotiator for her adoptive family, aware of her divine potential and filled with a burning drive to retake her homeland. When she turned sixteen, she went on a quest to find allies for her ascension to the throne, eventually meeting her long-lost twin brother, who had been sent away to live in obscurity. She gained strong allies, including Thousand-Year Peregrine, a smuggler turned monk with whom she fell in love.

The princess rallied a great force to retake her kingdom, and would have succeeded had it not been for the intervention of a deathknight, Black Heart of Midnight. After a period of captivity, Princess Ariel managed to escape from Black Heart’s airship, the Tenebrous Prophecy, and Exalted when she stabbed her traitorous brother Diarmid in the throat. She and the other heroes of Balidar managed to destroy the airship and free the country.

Totally on their own. Without any secret help from Sidereals.


Ariel Nemani

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