Ayesha Ura

Leader of the Gold Faction, head of the Sidereal Ministry of Journeys


Chosen of Journeys Sidereal

Ayesha Ura is a skilled sorceress, initiated into the Sapphire Circle through the Salinan school. She is also a martial artist of some skill and the leader of the Gold Faction.


Being born in the Dejazmachy in the Southeast, under the rule of the Solar Queen Chiara and her Lunar mate Tamuz, Ayesha Ura was orphaned at just nine months of age after the Dejazmachy was destroyed in the Usurpation. After being orphaned, Ayesha was raised in Heaven, where she was was taught Bronze Faction ideals throughout her childhood. When she Exalted as a Chosen of Journeys she attracted the attention of Chejop Kejak and—despite dreaming of her Gold Faction previous incarnation—soon became his lover.

Once apprenticed to Chejop Kejak and a supporter of the Bronze Faction, Ayesha Ura learned sorcery under his tutelage, gaining power and remembering her life as Tammiz Ushun. Upon her initiation into the Sapphire Circle of sorcery, she sacrificed her admiration and affection for Chejop Kejak and left his side to seek her own path, eventually joining the Gold Faction.

After the Jade Prison was sundered, Ayesha Ura took control of a small cult in the South known as the Cult of the Illuminated that proclaimed the coming of the Illuminated Ones from Heaven, transforming it into a training camp for newly exalted Solars. Bolstered by a number of Sidereal allies and various gods who would support Solar rule, she has aided the Gold Faction in experiencing a renewal through the Cult of the Illuminated.


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Ayesha Ura

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