Brother Cloud

Air-Aspected Dragon-Blood monk of the Immaculate Faith. Older than he looks.


Air Aspect Dragon-Blooded Monk

Current known abilities include the use of a jade powerbow, the ability to spark lightning from his hands, and a powerful thunderclap that can daze and disorient enemies. Brother Cloud seems quite adept at movement-based combat, but was severely hindered once placed in a grapple.

Edit: Also he got freakin dominated by The Undefeated of the East. Pile drived like the punk ass that he is. =)



Brother Cloud is an Air Aspect monk of the Immaculate Faith. He was responsible for leading a group of monks in an attempt to subvert the kingdom of Delsinar to the Immaculate Faith, possibly as a lead-up to a takeover by the Realm. Very little is known about Brother Cloud, except that he is older than he looks (actually 30 or so, compared to his appearance as a mid-teenager) and unlike most Immaculate monks, he does not keep his head shaved. Cloud has short-but-shaggy blue hair and grey eyes.


Brother Cloud

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