Cattails by the River

Venomous Spur's dead husband, now a pure spirit roaming the Tower of Souls



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In mortal life, Cattails by the River was the village healer for the small Eastern town of Tambreet. He had a hard childhood but grew into a caring, wise man and eventually married a woman named Tears Falling Like Raindrops. The happy couple had two children and looked forward to growing old together.

Sadly, it was not to be. The village of Tambreet fell under the specter of raiders and bandits who sought to steal from them a metal they did not even realize was valuable: gold. The Tambreeti would have shared all they had just for the asking, but the raiders preferred to kill and steal for their loot. Cattails attempted to reason with them, for which he was brutally beaten in front of his family, and his youngest son murdered in front of him. His wife chose to fight instead of cower, for which she was blessed by Luna. In the ensuing battle, Cattails was slain and his eldest daughter crippled. Unable to even remember whether or not she had inflicted such harm on her loved ones, the newly-Exalted Lunar fled the village into the wilderness.

After his death, Cattails was destined to pass immediately into the cycle of Lethe and be reincarnated. Despite the pain of his death, he had been a spiritually peaceful man in life, and he was not cursed to linger in the Underworld. Rather than permit his soul to return to Creation, Taru-Han instead chose to keep him as a “shining beacon” in her Tower of Souls.

Venomous Spur is known to have visited the Tower of Souls, but claims to have seen “nothing of interest” there…


Cattails by the River

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