Consistently Optimal Solution

A rough and ready Moonsilver Caste sniper


Moonsilver Caste Alchemical

Consistently Optimal Solution is a sniper and long-range weapons expert, the perfect right-hand man for the up-close-and-personal fighting style of his assembly commander, Gloriously Cerebrant Ordinator. His fighting style involves avoiding close combat range and laying down automatic fire with his primary weapon, the rotary-barrel personnel-suppression cannon. For close engagements, Consistently Optimal Solution has an integrated moonsilver short daiklave in his left forearm.

Too Cool for School


Consistently Optimal Solution predates his assembly commander’s construction by several years, but he is happy to defer to the younger Orichalcum Caste in matters of leadership. He recognizes his own role is better served in a non-command position—not to mention that he prefers the freedom that it gives him. Consistently Optimal Solution would prefer to be on detached assignment out in the Reaches, hunting gremlins and Voidbringers on his own instead of working in an assembly at all, but being in charge would be even worse. His devil-may-care attitude is only matched by his cheer at inflicting massive damage on deserving targets. His assembly members are sometimes disturbed by his level of wanton violence, but he merely considers is a perk of the job.


Consistently Optimal Solution

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