Cynis Falen Wurui

Dragon-Blooded emissary of the Realm.


Wood Aspected Dragon-Blood

Wurui wears a suit of lightweight green jade armor capable of turning knives and similar weapons without harm, as well as carrying a green jade short daiklave. Her demonstrated powers include the ability to call plants to impede her enemies’ movements, a poison breath attack, and the signature Dragon-Blooded maneuver, safety among enemies technique.

Edit: She was all like “Oh look at how awesome I am as a dragon-blooded, Safety Among Enemies Techni—-”


Cynis Falen Wurui is the companion and foil of Brother Cloud. The two of them worked together in the plot to undermine Delsinar for the Realm, and was taken captive along with him at the end of that failed attempt. While Cloud seems pleasant, if misguided, Wurui is actively hostile to most everyone and seems to particularly despise Prism of Truth. Wurui is in her late 50s, but looks like a woman in her 20s.


Cynis Falen Wurui

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