Danoli Bakeni

A young Lunar from the Hundred Kingdoms who views chaos as an essential component of social change


Changing Moon Caste Lunar
red duck totem

Danoli is a red-haired, freckled woman with a tendency to make strange noises in her throat while she talks. She has red feathers growing in her hair and from her elbows. Her features are somewhat unusual for an Easterner, but not uncommon for the region of the Hundred Kingdoms she comes from.


A young and inexperienced Lunar from the Hundred Kingdoms, Danoli has been Exalted less than ten years. Technically, she shouldn’t even be out from under her mentor’s thumb yet, but the pack that inducted her into the Silver Pact is busy with other matters. She enjoys playing kingdoms against one another with her shapechanging powers in the hopes that a strong human leader will emerge. Once such a leader appears, she will become his mentor to guide him into uniting the Hundred Kingdoms. Danoli prefers misdirection and trickery; her favored tactic is to convince her enemies to do all the work for her. She’s a quintessential trickster and troublemaker, though she genuinely seeks to improve the lives of the societies she meddles with in the long term.

Danoli Bakeni

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