Falling Tears Poet

Using music and meter, this deathknight seeks to unveil the tragedy in every human heart


Moonshadow Caste Abyssal

Falling Tears Poet is an adept warrior with his grand goremaul, called the Doom Bell, and can use both stirring rhetoric and music to drive despair into the hearts of others. He is also a sorcerer of some talent, with at least the ability to conjure demons into his service. Unlike other Abyssals, he seems to still possess something of a conscience.



Falling Tears Poet has implied that he was once an actual poet or writer of some kind, and that his Exaltation involved dying of the plague, but few details are known for sure about this mysterious individual. He wears a ceramic mask to hide his withered features, but possesses strength great enough to wield a massive grand goremaul as though it were nothing. Poet’s greatest strength is in his mental charms, which can overwhelm opponents with guilt, fear, longing, or despair.

Falling Tears Poet is the leader of an Abyssal circle formerly in service to the Mask of Winters. Before the Battle of Thorns he had shown some tendencies toward subtly helping the Solars under his master’s nose, but at the battle he proved his worth when he led almost half of the Mask’s deathknights in open rebellion against the deathlord. Now, he helps protect the city of Thorns from being retaken by loyalist forces, though the administration of a city chafes his poetic soul.


Falling Tears Poet

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