Filial Wisdom

The Goblin King, apostle of the Carrion Lord


Zenith Caste Solar

Filial Wisdom was a moderately strong martial artist with command over an army of hobgoblins and unclean spirits. His mastery of the Pyramid of the Sun in Rathess also gave him access to many minor First Age artifacts and secrets. All of his power availed him not, in the end.


Filial Wisdom was once a warrior in service to Paragon, but after a trip to the Blessed Isle and witnessing the true goals of the Dragon-Blooded host, he Exalted, slew his pursuers and fled the life he once knew. Finding himself drawn to the forests of the East, he found himself in Rathess, where he felt he belonged. He was found and corrupted by the god of decay, Han-Tha, who convinced him that the world was corrupt and decaying, awaiting a rebirth. Filial Wisdom embraced Han-Tha’s cause and accepted the title of the Goblin King, leading Han-Tha’s cult for the past 108 years.

After the arrival of a group of uncorrupted Solars, Filial Wisdom attempted to turn them to his cause. He failed and sought to slay them in a fit of pique, but lost his life in the attempt. His soul freed from his corrupted body, his Exaltation fled to seek a new host. Rathess was returned to the control of a clade of reawakened Dragon Kings after Filial Wisdom’s death.


Filial Wisdom

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