A young Lunar still in his apprenticeship


Changing Moon Caste Lunar
Fishing Cat Totem

Fleng is a young boy with blue hair and a wide-eyed, innocent look about him. His ears, tail, and whiskers clearly mark him as a cat totem of some kind. His moonsilver tattoos are fresh and very basic; he has yet to accomplish any great deeds, and he isn’t even away from his mentor yet.


Fleng is the youngest Lunar at the moot—he literally Exalted only a year ago and is still in his apprenticeship to Ancient-Eye Sovar. He is originally from a small tribe in the Southeast that was wiped out by Wyld barbarians, and he had spent months on his own before being found by Somi of the Ironwood. He had gotten pretty used to getting whatever he wanted, and he seems a little spoiled; he genuinely doesn’t understand why Lunars can’t just take what they want. He’s definitely beginning to lean toward Ma-Ha-Suchi’s way of doing things, and Sovar’s moderate teachings just aren’t sticking.



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