Invincible Sword Princess

A Dawn Caste whose only purpose is to become the strongest warrior in Creation


Dawn Caste Solar

stats unknown


For Rachel

Edit: Also, appears to prefer going around fighting whoever she can come up with, rather than doing anything of any actual use. Possibly due to some feeling of inadequacy on her part, or possibly the Exalted equivalent of a WoW addict. Gotta get that next level!!!


Do you have enough swords, King of Heroes?

Little is known about Invincible Sword Princess other than that her village was attacked by the Wyld Hunt right after she Exalted, leaving her with a scar across her collarbone that even Solar magic cannot heal. This event inspired her to seek to become the strongest warrior in all Creation, seeking strength for its own sake. Some time after this, she met up with Sweet Emerald and became her bodyguard; the two of them formed the core of a Solar circle that includes Adamant Prayer, Harbinger, and Obsidian Hawk. A recent addition to the circle is her Lunar mate, Fenrir Vanagandr, though by all appearances the two of them loathe one another.


Invincible Sword Princess

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