Iron Siaka

A friendly Sidereal who wants to make Creation serene--by kicking ass


Chosen of Serenity

Iron Siaka is armed with a pair of starmetal bonbori maces, wears a heavy jade breastplate, and looks much more like a Chosen of Battles than a Chosen of Serenity. Her powers are largely unknown, but she recently accepted a set of experimental starmetal tattoos from Venomous Spur,


Some fellow Viziers think Iron Siaka should be one of Mars’s Chosen, for she has great skill in battle and a formidable temper. For her, though, beating the crap out of enemies is a deeply visceral pleasure. She also enjoys carousing with stevedores, sailors and marines, whether in the ports of Creation or the celestial docks where the Golden Barque sets sail and lands. She loathes all creatures of darkness for the misery they bring to ordinary folk.


Iron Siaka

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