Daimyo of Wood and Clouds


Celestial God
Daimyo of the Season of Wood
Daimyo of Clouds

stats unknown

Jetazuro is a powerful celestial deity armed with a panoply of artifacts, including the Wood Shogun’s Spear, a mighty weapon, and the Cloud-Steel Aegis, armor forged of starsteel.


Who’s that pokegod? ….Jetazuro!

Jetazuro is the second Daimyo of Wood, having replaced Zeran-Dubuth (the original daimyo) after her predecessor was arrested for illegally militarizing weather. She is also the replacement of the former Daimyo of Clouds, though no information is possessed by the circle about how she gained this position or who she may have replaced. Jetazuro is a Bronze Faction supporter and nearly killed the circle on their last day in Yu-Shan during Calibration of 768.



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