Kirigasa Elced

A Dragon-Blooded warstrider pilot from Lookshy.


Earth Aspected Dragon-Blooded Warstrider Pilot

Very little of Captain Kirigasa’s combat potential is known, save that she is capable of fighting a half-dozen mortal monks without aid. She can seemingly encase he body in rock to gain greater strength and durability. As well, she is the pilot of a scout warstrider, Glorious Peregrine.

Then take a look
Cause here me and the V come naked out of the side hatch

With the oils and perfumes and incense

Now you’re groovin’ Put on a cool 70’s groove

The funky groove to fuck to.
The funky groove that fucks you

Me and the V

It’s all about sex supreme
We likes the cream jeans

Have you ever been worked on
By two guys who are hot for your snatch

That’s what I’m offering to you

You step into our room
And then you smell perfume
You lay upon our roundish bed
And then you feel a tickling on your head

It’s the V with the feather and
The French tickler
Look out baby he’s got the tools
And the you feel something down by your feet
It’s me it’s Red E I’m sucking upon your toes
We don’t mind sucking on toes

Good luck finding a boyfriend that suck toes
Having sex with me and the V

Now you’re talking double team
Supreme! Let’s roll!!
End Edit


Kirigasa Elced is a warstrider pilot from Lookshy that the circle met while investigating the city-state of Delsinar. She is a member of the Lookshy branch of the Immaculate Faith, but does not seem put off by Solars, and has become something of an ally. Elced spent the better part of a week in Delsinar’s palace with Red Lion and Venomous Spur, enjoying the hospitality. She is currently on patrol with her warstrider fang, the Malachite Squadron, protecting the Delsinar area from Realm interference. Elced is nearly six feet tall, with shoulder-length grey-black hair and jet-black eyes. Unlike most Earth Aspects, she is leanly muscular rather than bulky.

Captain Kirigasa currently leads the Malachite Squadron in the defense of Delsinar, as well as acting as an unofficial advisor to King Voshun. She has an on-again, off-again relationship with both Red Lion and Venomous Spur.


Kirigasa Elced

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