Lady Redfeather

A mysterious Sidereal with an unknown agenda and a preference for the color red, who seems less antagonistic to the circle than most


Chosen of Battles Sidereal

stats unknown




The Sidereal known as Lady Redfeather is believed to be responsible for the bankrupting of the kingdom of Delsinar, seducing the previous king and then using her influence over his young son to push him into a pointless war. After her departure from Delsinar, she was said to have traveled to Mishaka to spend her ill-gotten gains.

In Mishaka, the circle found her posing as a noblewoman named Campanelle, using her powerful skills of rhetoric and persuasion to agitate the city into breaking from the Confederation of Rivers and becoming a major force of conquest in the East. After being defeated in debate by the newly-Exalted Fiori, she politely took her leave and offered to meet with the circle on better terms should they seek her out in Nexus.


Lady Redfeather

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