Lady Vulpa Silverwings

An exotic dancer and Vampire Bat totem Lunar


Vulpa appears to be around 18-19 years old, with long, blueblack hair and deep blue eyes. She stands 5’7" with a decidedly curvy build that she dresses to accentuate, often favoring red or blue.

She tends to be somewhat capricious and playful, often quite distractable, but generally quite gentle and compassionate to others. She’s very sociable, and enjoys meeting new people, and can be described as charming in her interactions with others.

She lives in a smallish city named Triad Spire, where she is a dancer of no small note, with a rather dedicated fanbase.


Vulpa has shared little of her past thus far, though she is close to her Mentor into Lunar Society, Gold Eyes Destruction, a wolf totem lunar.

Lady Vulpa Silverwings

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