Last Still Stone

A Grass Spider assassin with a quick wit and an acerbic sense of humor


Heroic Mortal

Last Still Stone is a highly-trained member of the Grass Spiders, a guild of lethal assassins so feared that the knowledge they are after someone can make a potential target simply kill himself in fear. Notoriously, all of the Grass Spiders are mortals—no Exalts, god-bloods, or nonhumans are members of the organization. Stone has shown the ability to hide with great proficiency, fight moderately well, and is knowledgeable about poisons.


Little is known about Last Still Stone, except for his association with the Grass Spiders and his caustic sense of humor. He aided the circle for a time in Nexus, when they accidentally interfered with his assassination of Gavros Izmirlan, a crime boss.


Last Still Stone

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