The green sun of Malfeas, fetich soul of the king of the Yozis


Third Circle Demon
Fetich Soul of Malfeas

stats unknown but confirmed to be a freaking badass

At the minimum, Ligier has been seen to craft artifacts on par with the mightiest daiklave, create a green hell-radiance that sickens and kills, pour forth hellfire able to melt orichalcum, and split himself into duplicates, each of which can fight with the power, fury and skill of a legion of warriors.

Edit: Also a manipulative monologuing motherfucker.



The Fetich Soul your Akuma could smell like

When the Exalted armies of the gods defeated the Primordials, they turned Malfeas inside out and cast his heart into his cavernous core. In the darkness of the Demon City’s concentric black stone orbs, the heart of Malfeas shone forth as Ligier, the Green Sun. Inexplicably, his radiance lights every layer of the demonic realm, glaring throughout the aerial regions between them such that flying demons are sometimes lost in the green-lit sky. Only the passing shadows of the Ebon Dragon bring night to the hellish cityscapes below, though periodic clouds of infernal weather dim the mad emerald brilliance.

Ligier is the finest of all demonic smiths, and his works are stupendous in scope. He melts streams of metal from the ores of Creation or Malfeas and forges them into wonders rivaling the works of Autochthon and the Twilight Solars of the First Age. In battle, he is more terrible to behold than most beings can withstand. As the Prince of Malfeas, Ligier seeks to bring a particular order to Creation and the Demon Realm alike, spreading black stone, brass and the celebration of the green sun.

Ligier rests literally at the center of the Demon City of Malfeas, as the Green Sun in its sky. When he desires a human form, Ligier simultaneously appears as a handsome young nobleman with auburn hair. He is sometimes dressed in flawless robes of emerald, and other times bare chested with a long green kilt or a blackened smith’s apron of erymanthus hide.

The Green Sun is the fetich soul of Malfeas, and if Ligier is truly slain, the Yozi that is the foundation and essence of the Demon City will become something else.

Despite his nature as a demon, Ligier has not always been hostile to the Exalted in every encounter with them. He even gave Red Lion a present.



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