Luminous Vesper

Snapdragon's Lunar mate and occasional conscience.


Full Moon Caste Lunar
Polar Bear Totem

Luminous Vesper is a handsome Northern man with short, unruly grey-and-white hair. His blue eyes rarely show the smile he is almost always wearing; indeed, he often seems sad or lonely. He wears a heavy winter coat even in the warmest southern climates and is rarely without his battering traveling backpack.


Black or White

Little is known about Vesper other than that he is Snapdragon’s Lunar mate. He came to Mishaka looking for a recently Exalted boy and instead found a chimera that nearly killed him. After battles with the chimera and a circle of Abyssals, Vesper returned to give reports to his elders in the Silver Pact about the incidents that occurred.


Luminous Vesper

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