God of Celestial Exaltation and the Right Hand of Power


Celestial God

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Lytek is the god of Celestial Exaltation, though he is more often simply known by the title “God of Exaltation.” His purview includes recording the lives and deeds of all 700 Celestial Exaltations in every incarnation, keeping track of current and past incarnations, and pruning mortal memories from the Exaltations when they return to Heaven. To this end, he is in possession of an artifact called Lytek’s Cabinet, which allows him to perform high-end maintenance on the Exaltations between incarnations.

While Lytek is said to choose the hosts for Exaltation, he actually has much less control over the process than most gods suspect. The Exaltations were always intended to be autonomous, so Lytek can “nudge” them occasionally, but has almost no actual control over them.



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