Makisa Dragon-Tamer

A centuries-old Lunar from the Southern deserts with a deep interest in Venomous Spur's work


Changing Moon Lunar
Hyena totem

Makisa Dragon-Tamer would be quite attractive if it weren’t for her perpetual sneer, obvious bad attitude, and annoying laugh. Her loose red robes are designed to show off as much of her tanned, athletic body as possible, and she keeps her brown hair in complicated ringlets and braids.


Makisa Dragon-Tamer is a centuries-old Lunar sorceress once apprenticed to the near-legendary Death-Trap Tomoku. She is the ruler of a small Southern nation, though her homeland is not considered a success by the standards of the Thousand Streams River, since she still regularly interferes with it. Makisa has made it clear that she is uninterested in the Thousand Streams River for the time being, and considers her natives to be raw material for her genesis crafting experiments. Her most recent (and ambitious) project has been the reintroduction of Dragon-Blooded to the populace to create a pure-blooded lineage of Terrestrial Exalted.

Makisa Dragon-Tamer

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