Manosque Cyan

Blue-clad leader of an Infernal circle


Fiend Caste Infernal

Manosque Cyan is almost always seen in public in a body-covering blue leather catsuit with a demon mask of hammered bronze covering her lower face. Without those grim accouterments, she is a beautiful, brown-haired woman of obvious noble descent, probably from the Realm by her features. Cyan has occasionally shown an aptitude for disguise and infiltration, taking on new identities as she needs.


Manosque Cyan claims to be a descendant of a ruined Realm house, the Manosque, who were exiled or exterminated by the Scarlet Empress centuries ago. It is unknown is this is the truth, but she has told Venomous Spur that her ultimate goal is the overthrow of the Realm. To that end, she willingly serves the Ebon Dragon—which says more about her than her goals ever could.


Manosque Cyan

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