Marek Ironback

A wizened old sage who lives in a swamp


No Moon Caste Lunar
snapping turtle totem

An elderly-looking Lunar with grey, wrinkled skin and wisps of white hair clinging to his bald pate. Despite his obvious age, Marek is also built like a brick house, standing over six feet tall when not hunching and broad as a barn. His heavy, loose robes conceal a ripped, muscular physique, and he carries a staff to lean on to reinforce his image as a feeble old man.


How he Exalted

The Lunar caretaker of Bloodwater Marsh for the last three centuries, Marek Ironback is the second-oldest Lunar to openly attend the moot (after Makisa Dragon-Tamer). He rarely leaves his home in the deep swamps but was intrigued by the apparent rebellion offered up by this young whippersnapper called Venomous Spur.

Marek Ironback

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