Marsilion, the Eidolon of Shadow

The Black Scales ambassador to the Forest Witches


Third Circle Demon

Marsilion’s appearance is that of his latest host, though the body’s skin and hair turns to black stone and the eyes are replaced by starry voids. In his presence, dead flesh turns to stone and shed blood becomes a fine black dust that sifts away on the wind. His touch petrifies flesh and bone, turning victims into living statues, immobile but aware, forever trapped in a prison of obsidian or basalt.


In every shadowed hall and darkened cellar of the Demon City, Marsilion waits. He exists to know and to share the solitude of the shadows, and his patience is boundless. The demons of Malfeas bring light with them whenever they tread the dark places lest they fall victim to his power. Marsilion has no body of his own; he manifests by possessing a mortal host, which hardens into a slowly moving statue of black stone, and he will do the same to any summoner who fails to provide a suitable vessel. He may offer a summoner knowledge of anything that occurs in darkness. He is the current ambassador from the Demon City.

Marsilion is a Third Circle demon, and one of the souls of the Ebon Dragon.

Marsilion, the Eidolon of Shadow

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