Mnalif Nganto

A Western Lunar with a vicious demeanor and dangerous plans


Full Moon Caste Lunar
shark totem

Full-bodied and broad, Mnalif Nganto is feminine but deadly-looking. Her grey-white hair hangs down her back, and her broad full lips conceal rows of razor-sharp shark teeth. The most off-putting thing about her appearance is her dead-black eyes.


Suck my diiick

This vicious and hungry pirate captain Mnalif Nganto has made her reputation preying on the weak and helpless, culling those unable to protect themselves from the Western seas. She is an ally of the Lintha, and even brought three of her Lintha shipmates with her to Venomous Spur’s moot. Her ships are crewed exclusively by Lintha and beastmen, and she has gained control of a number of terrible Wyld-tainted beasts to reinforce her ranks.

Mnalif Nganto

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