The most ruthless and ambitious child of a ruthless and ambitious Empress


Earth Aspect Dragon-Blood

As the oldest living Dragon-Blood, save perhaps for the missing Scarlet Empress, Mnemon has a plethora of elemental powers that are nearly indescribable. She is one of the most talented sorceresses in the Realm, though her focus is on the practical application of sorcery rather than its theory. She is known to keep demon and elemental servants nearby at all times, and has dozens of descendants beholden to her for their power and prestige.


All recipients of Exaltation are made the better for it, but few Dragon-Bloods have been elevated by it as much as Mnemon. Before her Exaltation, Mnemon was a quiet, insecure slip of a girl, utterly terrified of her mother, the Scarlet Empress, and her brothers, Sesus and Ragara. Then came Exaltation.

Mnemon was sent to the Versino, the Realm’s original school of sorcery, but some disaster befell the school while she was in attendance there. She refuses to speak of how she came to be the only survivor, but many darkly whisper that she had something to do with the school’s destruction, and that only her mother’s intervention prevented Mnemon from being openly blamed.

In the four centuries since, Mnemon has, through single-minded ambition, built her House into one of the Realm’s dominant powers. The parallels between Mnemon and her mother are apparent to most observers who knew them both. Like her mother, Mnemon’s guided by an insatiable ambition and fueled by an irresistible force of will. Like her mother, Mnemon’s supernally skilled at sorcery, combat and politics.

Mnemon is ruthless to a fault. She micro-manages the affairs of her descendants, making certain that she is a central figure in the daily life of her House. As the eldest child of the Empress, she would have been a natural contender to ascend the throne, save for one faults: Mnemon has all of the power of her mother with none of her mother’s subtlety, making everyone in the Realm utterly terrified of her.


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