A Sidereal assassin who was a serious thorn in the circle's side


Chosen of Endings SiderealAKA Shenaniganizer

This skilled martial artist was quite capable of fighting three Solars to a standstill, at least for a short time, and downing one of them with a horrible attack. His natural training at stealth is superhuman, and he seems to be able to sense his opponents even when he cannot see them. As well, this assassin seems to be able to assume an identity so completely that no one, save the most strong-willed, can tell that he doesn’t belong in it. He also seems to have a left hand made out of shimmering, rainbow-colored metal.

At the battle of Ochorin Hill, Ochre Blossom revealed his real name as Oberen, before being brought low by the Solar circle and being launched back to Yu-Shan in the Lion’s Roar’s main cannon, postage due.

Oberen: The Solars will DESTROY US ALL


Ochre Blossom was born in the kingdom of Delsinar and led an unassuming life before becoming the Most Honored Keeper of the Gates. He has never done anything of importance and

Okay, the truth is that Ochre Blossom isn’t his real name. He’s not a mortal, he’s not a civil servant, and he’s not from Delsinar. Who is he, really? Well, you see, he’s actually REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE MAIDEN OF SECRETS


As of the Battle of Ocho-Rin Hill, Ochre Blossom revealed his name as Oberen, a Chosen of Endings. He was badly beaten by the circle in the middle of some sort of mysterious personal mission, had his starmetal hand crushed by Red Lion, and was sent back to Heaven in the most humiliating way possible.

The Solars clashed with Oberen again in the West, as he was leading a Wyld Hunt against the island kingdom held by the Solar called Lyta. He was defeated but escaped without serious injury, swearing vengeance against them.

The final conflict came during the Second Battle of Mishaka, when Oberen directly seized control of five Realm Legions to conquer the city. The Solars confronted him directly, finally slaying him at great cost. Snapdragon dealt the final blow by using a martial art not seen in Creation since the fall of the Solars: Adamant Chef Style. May his next incarnation be a better one.



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