Prince of Crows

A mysterious Lunar who comes and goes like the wind


Changing Moon Lunar
Crow totem

A handsome youth with ebon hair and pale skin, the Prince of Crows has never been spotted in his war form, even assuming he has one. His common dress is a black crow-feather cloak and black silks, with a plague doctor half-mask.


The Prince of Crows is a trickster at heart and loves causing mayhem for people—particularly for other Lunars. His greatest pleasure is attending moots where he knows his enemies will be and taunting them with their inability to harm him because of the rules of hospitality. He loves mortals deeply and only ever tricks them “for their own good,” typically to enlighten them or teach them a valuable lesson. He seems to be holding back on his usual tactics with Venomous Spur due to her unusual willingness to buck the Elders.


Prince of Crows

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