Quel Cloud-Strider

A young Eclipse Caste acting as his sister's strong right hand


Eclipse Caste Solar

Quel only came into his powers very recently, and even he does not know the full extent of them. Raised as an Immaculate, Quel still partly believes that his powers are evil, and is deeply reluctant to use them unless at his sister’s behest. He has powerful senses and the ability to generate bursts of destructive light, but little else is known about his abilities.


Quel Cloud-Strider was raised the son of a farmer, the youngest of six children—and the only boy. His five older sisters teased him relentlessly as he grew up, but he took it in good stead. It wasn’t until he was sixteen that he discovered that he was actually the lost prince of the kingdom of Balidar. He initially refused to join his sister Ariel’s crusade to retake the throne, until soldiers in the service of the corrupt Emperor Diarmid killed his father and oldest sister. That inspired Quel to take up the sword and join his sister as one of the heroes of Balidar.

In their confrontation with Black Heart of Midnight, the rebels were scattered and Quel was left behind to die. Black Heart took advantage of Quel’s confusion and fear, breaking his mind with Abyssal charms and twisting him into a servant of the Underworld. Black Heart hoped to corrupt Quel thoroughly enough to make a powerful specter from him—or perhaps even to attract a Black Exaltation to him—but he was freed from the Abyssal’s control before that could happen. His own self-loathing and his love for a servant girl named Humble Smile broke him free of Black Heart’s control, but too late to save Humble Smile’s life.

In his anger over Smile’s death, Quel blames himself for being too weak to keep Black Heart out of his mind, too weak to save the woman he loved, and too weak to keep a demon out of his soul. While his sister has embraced the power of the Exaltation, Quel continues to wrestle with his own inner demons.


Quel Cloud-Strider

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