Rolling Ocho

Minor god of Ocho-Rin Hill


Terrestrial God

Rolling Ocho seems to have the power to swim through earth and rock as easily as a fish swims through water, and he can generate intense but localized earthquakes. His blessing makes roads safer and swifter to travel upon.


Who’s that Pokegod? ….it’s Rolling Ocho!
“Rolli Rolli!”
Little is known of Rolling Ocho, save that he is the minor god of Ocho-Rin Hill and once worked for the Guild, acting as a guardian of their waystation there. Now, he is the patron god of the freemen village of Ochorin… if he knows what’s good for him. Rolling Ocho looks like an 8-foot-long badger made of grey stone and white sand, with teeth and claws of black jet.


Rolling Ocho

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