Sankara Holtz

A perky Sidereal lawyer with a penchant for helping out people in trouble


Chosen of Serenity Sidereal

Sankara is a brown-haired woman of better than average height. While in Yu-Shan, she usually wears the formal robes of a barrister, including heavy spectacles. Outside of court, she prefers to wear long blue dresses and copious tasteful jewelry.

♪Fighting for her client,♪
♪Wearing sexy miniskirts,♪
♪And being self-reliant.♪
♪Single Female Lawyer!♪

Edit: She’s adorable. Can we keep her?


Smile smile smile

Sankara Holtz is a Sidereal of the Gold Faction who aided the circle while they were in Yu-Shan, acting as a legal consultant in Red Lion’s trial. She is a perky but intelligent Chosen of Serenity who acts as a public defender in the tricky legal system of the Heavenly City. She has become a frequent point of contact with the circle, aiding them in several instances—and implying that she’s been helping them in other ways behind the scenes.

Sankara Holtz

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