Scarlet Whisper

A Solar working in the service of the Perfect of Paragon


Eclipse Caste Solar

As one of the Solar Exalted, Scarlet Whisper is undoubtedly highly skilled at many pursuits, though she seems focused on negotiation, diplomacy, and statecraft rather than battle. Her great beauty is matched only by her keen intelligence, and as the Perfect’s personal adviser, she has access to the nearly limitless wealth of one of the South’s great kingdoms.


Scarlet Whisper was once a minor novelist in the Bureau of Public Relations in the city-state of Paragon. She dreamed of interviewing the Perfect, the city’s immortal ruler, but dismissed it as a girlish fantasy—until the day she was interviewing troops at an outlying fort when the area came under attack by raiders. Whisper’s courage in facing the bandit chief and creative use of local armaments to force a cease-fire earned her both the chance to meet the Perfect personally and a Solar Exaltation. She is still unsure which matters more to her.

Whisper’s Exaltation burned away her citizenship mark, but she immediately retook the oath and retained her citizenship. Officially, she is now the Perfect’s senior adviser on public affairs. Privately, she is his highest lieutenant, acting on his behalf and in his name in nearly all matters. Despite the usual role of Solars as leaders of men, Scarlet Whisper seems genuinely content to serve a mortal. It’s easy to understand: He is, after all, perfect.


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Scarlet Whisper

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