Serena Killjoy

A Southern Lunar with an interest in beastmen and social engineering


Full Moon Caste Lunar
Cougar totem
Wardens of Gaia

Serena is a brown-skinned woman with tawny hair who normally wears short, tight clothes of Southern make.


Serena Killjoy is a Lunar social engineer from the Southeastern mountain-jungles. She doesn’t like people very much, leading to her usual policy of isolationism. She’s been attempting to breed cougar beastmen into a true-breeding tribe, but so far she only has a few savage clans of semi-solitary beastmen raiders under her thumb.

Current evidence indicates that Serena may have attempted to rewire the Lion’s Roar to assassinate Makisa Dragon-Tamer for reasons unknown.


Serena Killjoy

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