Spring Rabbit

A voluptuous Lunar who uses her beauty as a social weapon


Changing Moon Caste Lunar
Rabbit totem
Winding Path

Spring Rabbit is a short, busty blonde woman who wears the revealing clothes of an Eastern onsen owner. She is rarely seen without her bodyguard, which is good since her general demeanor is that of a woman who’s never fought anything tougher than her blankets.


Why don’t you do right

Rather shy and elegant compared to most Lunars, Spring Rabbit is a civilized socialite who owns a hot springs resort a day’s journey from Great Forks. She is rarely seen without beautiful, flowing robes and the most modern fashions from the Realm. She travels everywhere with a powerful bodyguard, a bound blood ape samurai called Red Wind of Mourning. This indicates that Spring Rabbit is at least a moderately talented sorceress, but she speaks not of such things.


Spring Rabbit

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