Tamuz the Wanderer

A Lunar elder, one of the founders of the Silver Pact


Changing Moon Caste Lunar
gazelle hound totem

Tamuz is a Southern man with dark hair, grey eyes, and deeply tanned skin. He wears the clothes of a perpetual wanderer, whatever they happen to be in the area he is passing through. His whole appearance seems explicitly designed to let people know that he’s not staying long.


Tamuz the Wanderer is one of the legendary elders of Lunar society, a two-millennia-old shapechanger with the wisdom of the First Age. He is one of the masterminds behind the Thousand Streams River project, and the founder of Chiaroscuro as well as the ancestor of the Delzahn dynasty. He makes appearances at moots like Ven’s in disguise so that he can judge the worthiness and mood of Lunar society. He goes to observe, not to make waves, which is why he attends in disguise.

Tamuz the Wanderer

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