Tavra Swiftwind

A Marukani Lunar with strong ideals and the ambition to make them reality


Full Moon Caste Lunar
Horse totem
Winding Path

Tavra is a heavy-set woman who could more properly be called handsome rather than pretty, Her pierced ears and nose mark her as a Marukani nomad, and she shaves the sides of her head in the manner known to her people as a horse-mane cut. Her usual clothes are the heavy checkered flannel and loose trousers of Marukani plainsmen.



Exalting in Marukan among the greatest horsemen in the world, young Tavra had great plans to bring her people’s egalitarian society to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, as she grew to perceive the world more clearly, she came to realize how unequal the Marukan way of life really was, with the horse-clans being little more than hereditary nobility over a vast, downtrodden populace of semi-nomads. Now, Tavra wanders the world seeking a society of equals, hoping to eventually piece together the mystery of building a society without superiors or inferiors.


Tavra Swiftwind

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