Teresu Ben-Charzj

Military diplomat from Lookshy


Water Aspect Dragon-Blooded

stats unknown


Teresu Ben-Charzj holds the rank of Tagmatarch (major) in the Lookshy Seventh Legion, though he is more a diplomat than a military commander. Ben-Charzj was noted by his superiors for his ability to form alliances and negotiate peace between units of soldiers, which gained him a rapid promotion through the diplomatic corps. Several of his subordinates were only recently his superiors, which has caused some amount of tension within the ranks of the Marita expeditionary force.

Ben-Charzj is the primary point of contact between the Exalted circle and the Lookshyan government. He has made a serious gamble at backing them, against the recommendation of several of his more religious commanders. If they fail to live up to his expectations, he could expect serious censure or worse.


Teresu Ben-Charzj

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