The Green Lady

A Sidereal, married to a deathlord, with secrets aplenty


Chosen of Secrets

As a millennia-old Sidereal Exalted, the Green Lady likely possesses amazing personal power, though her forte lies in destroying organizations from within rather than combat. She is an enigma even to her own kind, with less than a handful of Sidereals remembering her real name or knowing her true capabilities.



The Green Lady is a Chosen of Secrets Sidereal married to the deathlord known as Walker in Darkness. She claims to have secret information about the whereabouts of the soul of Venomous Spur’s mortal husband, as well as being (indirectly) responsible for the creation of the Abyssal Exalted.

During the First Age, she was a vizier to the Solar Exalted and approached one of them with some information she had gleaned about the effect of Underworld essence on Exaltations. Centuries later, that Solar—Larquen Quen—would become the deathlord known as the Mask of Winters and use that information to corrupt half of the newly-freed Solar Exaltations into Abyssal Exaltations.


The Green Lady

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