Thief of Hearts

A casteless Lunar rogue with a devil-may-care attitude


Casteless Lunar
no totem

A roguish teenager with unruly red hair and cheery green eyes, Thief has the sort of knife-edge grin that makes girls and boys alike abandon their families for him.


King of Thieves

Once a loner at the fringes of Varangian society, Thief of Hearts was destined to spend his life as a poor, homeless wretch because of his family’s failure to catalogue the exact moment of his birth. However, due to his tenacity and unwillingness to ever surrender in the face of adversity, Thief was eventually Exalted by Luna. He refused to be “caged” by the Lunars who came to tattoo him and escaped them. Ever since, he’s lived one step ahead of the Silver Pact, wandering from place to place as a trickster and rogue.


Thief of Hearts

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