Thousand Faceted Nelumbo

A member of the mysterious Adamant Caste


Adamant Caste Alchemical

Thousand Faceted Nelumbo is an expert in infiltration, scouting, and assassination, in addition to her direct combat prowess in fighting Voidbringers and gremlins alike. Little is known of the powers of the Adamant Caste, save that they have the ability to remove memories of their actions from the minds of onlookers, so Nelumbo’s true power is difficult to ascertain.


Thousand Faceted Nelumbo is the favored servant of Debok Moom, Minister of War, in the Autochthonian divine ministries. As an Alchemical agent of the Divine Ministers, Nelumbo has access to almost everything she could ever need—save companionship. Over the last decade of her service, she has begun to question the isolation that her caste endures, and to question the correctness of the actions of the Ministers themselves. Such questions are dangerous for an operative of the status quo, and only time will tell if Nelumbo becomes a revolutionary or a casualty of stasis.


Thousand Faceted Nelumbo

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