Umgrek Hope's-Daughter

A Mountain Folk administrator


Artisan Caste Jadeborn

Tall, pale and delicately beautiful, Umgrek stands a hand taller than most humans. Her alabaster skin seems marbled in places and her delicacy belies a surprising strength. She is known to use magic she refers to as “charms,” indicating some sort of mystical connection to the Exalted, and she wears enough of the magical materials as jewelry to pay a surface king’s ransom. Her exact capabilities—and those of the Mountain Folk—remain unknown.


Umgrek was the chief administrator of Mining Outpost #38, a minor mining colony under the Lo Mountains. She was the sole member of her caste in the facility, making life somewhat lonely, though she endured out of duty and the knowledge that the assignment wouldn’t last very long—a mere five decades.

When her colony was threatened by the march of the Locust Crusade, Umgrek worked with Red Lion and Snapdragon in order to successfully evacuate the colony and take the workers and warriors under her care back to their home in Dijak. After the evacuation was complete, she was so impressed by the Solars that she aided them in escaping from Dijak before being taken before the Elders of the city.


Umgrek Hope's-Daughter

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