Una White-Sword

Princess of the Snow Amazons and bodyguard of Samea


God-Blooded Mortal

stats unknown


Una is the god-blooded daughter of the icewalker totem god Eastern Owl, as well as the princess of the Snow Amazons. Her mother currently reigns as queen of her tribe, with Una having been given over to the service of the Bull of the North several years ago as a show of loyalty. Una has been assigned as the personal guard of Samea of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe, the Bull’s Zenith adviser. While Samea hardly needs a bodyguard, the position holds great symbolic meaning; Una stands between the Bull’s closest friend and harm, and the Snow Amazons are greatly honored by this show of trust.

Red Lion was disappointed to discover that Una is married, though it is largely a marriage of political convenience.


Una White-Sword

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