White Bone Sinner

Magistrate of the city of Saltarello; a deathknight in service to the Walker In Darkness


Dusk Caste Abyssal
aka The Legate of the Unlit Lantern

White Bone Sinner is a powerful close combatant, armed with a soulsteel grimcleaver called Oblivion’s Fang. He is nearly invulnerable in battle, the proverbial immovable object. While he is a largely untrained brawler, recent experiences have led him to begin training in the Abyssal Dark Messiah Style of martial arts.


Once a brutal pit fighter, Pai Shan Moh was offered the chance for sponsorship as a gladiator by a Nexus noble named Kerrek Deset. He simply had to win a private exhibition match against the city’s champion, Panther. Though not supposed to be a fight to the death, Panther struck him down anyway. His body was thrown into a canal, like so much garbage.

Since then, he has become a magistrate in the service of the Walker in Darkness, administering the city of Saltarello for his ebon liege. Sinner discovered that he was a competent bureaucrat and rather enjoyed administrating a town of vice and sin—at least, until the Mask of Winters marched in and destroyed the town. Sinner was left to be tortured at the hands of a coven of ghost-witches, though he was rescued by the timely intervention of Prism of Truth and Blazer Orpheus, to whom he now feels something of a debt.

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White Bone Sinner

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