City father of Mishaka, placed in his position by the Immaculate Faith


Terrestrial God

stats unknown


Xichil-Yan used to be a god of peacock migrations in the Southeast before the Immaculate Faith had him installed as the city father of Mishaka fifteen years ago. He deeply regretted the death of the previous city father, which he didn’t learn of until he was installed in the position. His predecessor, Yuwen Hu, was killed by the Immaculates, and his body forged into a starmetal hand for a Sidereal assassin.

Until he encountered Venomous Spur and her Solar companions, he lacked self-confidence and his priesthood had dwindled to only a small handful of malcontents. Thanks to Ven’s influence, Xichil-Yan seems to be shaping up to be a better god and actively becoming involved in the lives of his people.


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