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  • session10-5

    Session 10.5: Extracurricular Activities

    Tonights the night.

    For the second time I find myself under the cold moon, seeking prey. Too soon. Going out again, the same night, ignoring my wounds; its sloppy, dangerous.


  • blazerorigin

    The Origin of Blazer Orpheus

    The sun climbed lazily in the clear blue morning sky, almost seeming to yawn as it continued its ascent. Beneath, the mostly-frozen plains of Rainier Island shone like polished alabaster, while the snow on the

  • EyesoftheHuntress

    The destruction of the Saeculo Antiquis Librarium had sent a nervous, uncertain young scholar monk into the North with no home, no direction, and no friends. He had tried to pick up where his life had left off, teaching others some of what he knew,

  • RediscoveringPurpose

    The changes in Blazers life could hardly have been more abrupt and significant once Ardent Huntress arrived. The first thing he noticed was that he slept much more deeply. In the days and weeks after the Librarium, his sleep had often been

  • Identity

    The next four months could hardly have been more different than the four that had preceded them. On the surface, they were mostly the same: Blazer went from town to settlement to village, helping with local matters however he could for a few days before

  • TheGuardiansofThreeOaks

    Cerulean Wake crossed his arms in front of his chest, leaning back against a wall and trying to keep from appearing impatient. He was nearing his ninetieth nameday, but the village elders of Three Oaks still teased him for his youthful appearance. As if

  • TheGuardiansofThreeOaks2

    It didnt take long for the villagers of Three Oaks to return to their normal routines. After all, part of life in the valley was the knowledge that the Wyld could come calling at any time. For many generations, the people had practiced their

  • TheGuardiansofThreeOaks3

    As Soaring Ibis walked through the comfortable valley night, she started to sweat. It had nothing to do with the weather the air was crisp without being cold, and the cut of her kimono kept her body at a breezy temperature. No, the cause of her sudden

  • TheGuardiansofThreeOaks5

    Smoldering Cinder floated in a quiet void, sequestered from the world. She sat with her legs folded underneath her and her palms pressed together, in the middle of an empty space with only her faithful daiklave for company. The sheathed blade lay a foot

  • TheGuardiansofThreeOaks10

    Soaring Ibis eyed the man carefully. He was a little beaten and ragged, and what she had mistaken for a beard at first was just a lot of dirt smudged into the stubble around his chin and mouth. He was dressed like one of the river barbarians, and was

  • The Guardians of Three Oaks, final chapter

    When Cinder regained consciousness, everyone else around her was still out. She could see them breathing, though, so her mind immediately went to Ibis. For the first time in years, the little corner of her heart where Ibiss emotions had nestled

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