Neither Here Nor There

Special mention must be made of the non-space known as “Elsewhere.” While the Wyld represents chaotic and infinite possibility, Elsewhere is static, unchanging emptiness. In essence, Elsewhere does not exist until someone needs it to, and then it exists only for the individual who drew upon it. This allows beings of enlightened essence (such as the Exalted) to store objects in Elsewhere in perfect safety, since the object in question is outside normal reality (Creation) and in a space that exists only for its creator.

Objects stored in Elsewhere do not experience the passage of time (since time exists only in Creation), and Elsewhere has no air or native environment (since nothing exists there except what the creator of the pocket dimension placed there). This allows for the storage of food or other perishables in Elsewhere with safety.

Elsewhere seems to have no maximum size limitation. In the past, Solars have stored everything from personal armaments to warstriders to entire buildings full of supplies in Elsewhere. Legend speaks of a whole city banished to Elsewhere by a vengeful Solar sorcerer, now lost forever with the death of the pocket dimension’s creator.

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